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Y.N. - U.S.A. said:
Using books and other materials in class can be a rather difficult issue for teachers and students alike. There is a distinction between authentic and created materials, which the teacher has to consider before choosing what to present to the students. Authentic materials such as clips from a TV show or newspaper articles can be a great opportunity for more advanced learners to gain confidence and work with topics they are interested in. Such material should be selected carefully though, as it is normally not designed with the purpose of teaching the English language to non-native speakers. Material that is created by the teacher can, on the other hand, be graded to the level of the students and may be a better choice for learners on a lower level. Furthermore, created materials might be more suitable for students in genereal, as textbooks tend to not always fit specific needs of the class members. Textbooks are usually not chosen by the teacher and therefore may not cover everything we want to incorporate in our lessons. Although they provide a syllabus and a well balanced mix of grammar, skill practices and vocabulary, textbooks might become a boring and even predictable source for students. This is why a teacher has to vary activities in class without concentrating on just one book throughout an entire lesson. In order to create balance and to motivate the students, a good teacher should try hard to supplement or even adapt a course book. Flexibility is the key to have success in the classroom.