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Unit 18 is a rather long presentation of grammar and covers modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. I had previously studied the use of passive voice in Spanish and Mandarin so this topic was not new to me. The section on relative clauses was very interesting and I learned something new regarding the distinction in meaning when using or not using a comma. I enjoyed the section on phrasal verbs because it represents a clarification or categorization of something that native speakers use everyday but are not necessarily conscious of. I believe that it is important to understand these clearly in order to teach them since they are numerous and can represent a huge difficulty for English learners. The final section on modal auxiliary verbs was new to me. One point that I have some contention with is the use of \"can\" as a less polite form of request than \"may\". It was my belief that the modern use of \"can\" for a request is a bad habit and incorrect.