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P.K. – China said:
This unit covered modals, the passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. The section on modal auxiliary verbs was especially good, and the chart would be a great reference for teachers and students alike. I also thought the exercises on degrees of certainty were very effective for distinguishing the nuances among the various modals. The chart of the passive tense was helpful, but a sample sentence for each would make it even clearer. The relative clause section, though well-defined, was perhaps a bit too short. Also, I think the explanations of the examples are good for teachers so that they clearly understand the sentence structure, but I believe they would totally confound students. Better for teachers to focus on how independent vs. dependent relative clauses affect the meaning of the sentence. The phrasal verbs section was brief, admittedly, but it was a quick and important introduction to how they differ in structure. I thought the suggestion of slipping them into conversations so that they sort of subconsciously become familiar was a good tip. Another good idea was to group them into a common topic, like driving (get in, speed up, slow down, pull over, pick up...).