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J.C. - U.S.A. said:
There are three main areas of language that need to be taught: vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. There is a general consensus as to the order in which grammatical structures should be introduced, but vocabulary largely depends on the goals of the instructor, as well as the linguistic background of the students. The difficulty of new vocabulary depends on the similarity of the words to the students' L1, the similarity to other English words already learned, the spelling and pronunciation, and the particulars of usage. Generally, beginning students should be introduced to very common words that are tangible and can be represented in pictures, while more advanced students can be taught less common and more abstract words. In addition to the meaning of the new words, they will need to learn the pronunciation and spelling, the appropriate contexts for use and how they interact with other words, and so forth. Grammatical structures should be introduced according to the level of complexity and frequency of use, and should be combined with vocabulary and language functions that will enable students to put those structures into proper use. In order to introduce all of the above concepts, it is important to remember the ESA lesson plan in its 'straight arrow', 'boomerang', and 'patchwork' forms.