TESOL Nanhai

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A. R. – U.K. said:
I really enjoyed this unit. It is exciting to think about actually creating a functional lesson plan and executing it in a classroom with students. Some of the more valuable information I learned in this unit is the DEGO process.Teacher should not be explaining but demonstrating and allowing the students to offer their own insight ad solve problems independently. Teachers have time to monitor classroom activity, productivity and progress Teacher observes the students from a distance, allows the o for independently Teacher allows learners to work without interruption. After monitoring and reviewing students work Give students a chance to correct themselves. Ask for peer correction before offering the correct answer. I also think its very important for students really absorb the material by finding ways to solve their own problems and to find answers to their own questions without the teachers input all the time. I think the idea is basically that the students are learning on their own with the assistance of the teacher when needed, ideally the students will become more independent and confident in learning to speak English.