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This unit focused on speaking and writing. They are both very different but used for the same purpose of communicating. Writing is ignored a lot in the TEFL world. Students tend to focus more on speaking, and even if they mess up with speaking, it can be cleared up ?on the spot?. Writing is different. I learned about the difference between accuracy and fluency activities. Some speaking activities in the classroom include controlled activities, guided activities, and creative communication. Controlled activities are accuracy based activities while creative communication would be fluency based.Unit 12 teaches us 2 productive skills as speaking and writing. In separate ways, writing and speaking are shown the differences.These 2 parts skills are harder than the receptive skills.Accuracy and flency activities in the speaking part are described that are equal important in speaking but different level focus on the different stage in a typical creative speaking acitvity lesson. There are lots of guidelines are exampled for a creative speaking.Although differences exist between speaking and writing, some factors shoule be considered in writing includes handwriting, spelling, punctuation etc.