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M. A. - U.S.A. said:
In Unit 5, I have learned a lot about how to control a classroom and maintain a positive and encouraging environment. Not only is eye-contact, gestures and voice important, but also I learned that I should turn my back to write on the board as minimal as possible! I can use other methods instead of writing on the board, and I really liked the idea of a student volunteer to write for me. Also, I am somewhat against the idea of a whole-class grouping activity because I feel as though it gives a lot of stress to most students to talk in front of the class in another language (as I myself had to go through that too and it is the worst)! However, I think small grouping or pairs is the best way to increase talk time and still have a lot of confidence with partners. One challenge is going to be controlling those who want to \"hog\" all of the attention and trying to balance everyone equally for talk-time. There will always be that one student who wants to answer every single question; which makes it difficult. Establishing rapport and a good environment in a classroom I believe is very important, but it all depends on the students and their attitude to learn and establish rapport themselves! I believe that a successful classroom is one that has a strong rapport. Overall, Unit 5 was very constructive for my learning, and I enjoyed learning about each section in this unit.