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A.K. - Australia said:
As a teacher, one of the most important things to bring to the classroom is a positive and welcoming attitude. Knowing all of the material and bringing worksheets will not solicit the engaging response from students that you need to have an effective lesson. As exhibited by the two videos, the contrast between attitude and method of teaching displayed just how prominent the teacher's role is in ensuring a warm environment. Students cannot learn if they are intimidated to speak or get an answer wrong. They will also be less inclined to participate if the teacher himself does not appear to want to be there either. Learning requires an open mind and attitude in order to be susceptible to new ideas. If students are uncomfortable in a classroom, they are less likely to retain information. As a teacher, something as simple as smiling can make a huge difference in the classroom atmosphere and in student retention. The ESA lesson plan style that was properly exhibited in the second video also played a huge part in engaging the class because it encouraged more student participation both with their partners and with the class as a whole. Having a positive with an engaging lesson will produce the most effective results with students.