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L.B. – U.S. said:
This unit covered the advantages and disadvantages of using created versus authentic materials for teaching English students. I learned that authentic materials - things like newspapers, local music, and menus - instead of being intimidating to students, actually helps them build confidence because the materials are real-world and that connects their learning to real-life experiences outside of the classroom because it is interesting and relevant. I also learned that created materials have the advantage of being able to supplement a coursebook which can become too regimented and predictable for students. Created materials allow the teacher to be more creative and keep students' engaged in learning the language by applying the created materials to activities that are suitable to the level and interests of the students. A coursebook is made to suit such a wide audience that a teacher cannot rely on the coursebook alone or they may miss areas where the students need more practice on certain aspects of the language that the coursebook does not go into detail on.