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O.C. - Germany said:
Unit 17 gives future teacher various options of using diverse equipment and teaching aids. Nowadays, teachers can depend on so many technologies that make their lesson more interesting, consistent and memorable. Naturally, there has to be a certain limit of using technology during the class. A teacher should use it only as an additional aspect of the lesson to make his/her lesson more interesting for the students. Lessons that depend only on technology might be not fully successful. In the classroom teachers can use white board to make a column of elicited vocabulary or show the grammar structure using colorful markers and underlines. Also, it is very handy if there is a projector in the class, so a teacher makes sure that a short video from youtube can be watched by every participant in the class. The best combination of a white board, and the projector is the interactive board which is in my opinion the best invention for the schools. It is easy to use, teachers can underline certain words. Study phase, when students are supposed to do some exercises from the book, teacher can easily show the certain pages of the workbook on the board so that everyone can se the answers and teachers notes, which can be helpful for better understanding certain notions, defiitions or simply words. Every teacher should do his/her best to provide the most interesting and diverse lessons. Thanks to technology it's easier than ever before.