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A.Y. – U.S. said:
This unit focused on materials for use within the classroom setting. Part of the lesson dealt with the advantages and disadvantages of using Coursebooks. Some advantages are that students expect to use them, they are easier to use and use less time to prepare than created materials, they provide a syllabus that is graded to a level suitable for the students and they offer continuity. Some disadvantages would be that they should not be used for the entire class time, they tend to be a compromise, the book will dictate the lessons taught, and the students and/or the teacher may not like the book. Other materials for the classroom could be visuals, which help reduce TTT, cassettes, CD's, DVD's, which can create interest for the students, the use of a whiteboard, from which the students can take notes, and dictionaries, to help the students with spelling, pronunciation, and usage of words. The most discussed topic for teachers is whether to prefer authentic materials or created material. Each has good and weak points. Perhaps the key is to have a balance in the classroom between the two types of materials.