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This unit defines lesson planning and goes on to elaborate on the things that are important in lesson planning. It starts by giving an introduction on the different schools of thought on the necessity of lesson planning. I have learnt that although it might be possible to take a class without a lesson plan especially for the professional teacher's, it is more productive and organised to have a lesson plan however, a lesson plan should be as precise as possible, easy to understand and flexible in case there is need for change.As a fluent English speaker, I've never really cared of how and why do I use the tenses in English. Prior to being a teacher I often asked myself, How am I going to relay this to anyone who wants to learn the language? That is why I found this unit very useful, although it was a bit confusing to say the least, especially the activities that I'm going to present to the students. All in all it was good to know all the info provided in this unit to be able to teach them properly, and I hope the next tenses will be a bit simpler.