TESOL Barnaul

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I.C. - Peru said:
I have learned that there is a'lot of different ways to teach a learner/student. Etc:Task based learning . The silent way. Suggestopaedia and many more effective teaching methods. I have also learned that learners should me motivated, exposed to the language and should also have the opportunity to use the language. I have studied \"Jeremy Harmers\" method that is called the \"ESA\" method which stands for Engage,study and activate.When this method is applied it will ensure that the teacher have a great deal of flexibility inside of the classroom.It is very important for the students to give feedback about the lesson as for feedback provides the students with self-awareness and improvement.By receiving feedback from your students you can evaluate their success and progress. You should be careful for to much correcting as this can be off-putting as well as to little. I have learned that I should be able to distinguish between a mistake and a error for it is not the same,A mistake can be seen as a slip of the pen or tongue whereas a error is something that is more deeply ingrained and usually formed by the students believe that what he/she is saying is correct. It is very important to come to the lesson fully prepared therefor i have made myself familiar with the lesson planning general guidance notes.