TESOL Barranquilla

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J. M. - Switzerland said:
Lesson planning in my opinion is a vital point in being successful in the class room setting. In general it allows the instructor to have a general road map for getting to an end point or destination. Often times a Lesson plan is worth its weight in gold. Meaning if a quality amount of time and effort is put into forming a good lesson plan, than often times it will be very fruitful in what the instructor aims to accomplish. This is because it allows for the professor to plan a logical sequencing for both presenting information, but also gaging how that information was internalized by the students. Aside from serving as a template for the learning process, it also allows for the teacher to have a written record of what has taken place in the class. This is valuable for many reason, among them is the concept of reflection. Often times we forget to go back and review just how effective our aims were, and a written lesson plan allows for one to critique themselves. As I enter into this field, I aim to for quality lesson plans, because I believer they will help me to be a better teacher.