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A.U. - Russia said:
The unit goes through the various types of tests and evaluations that are most often used. The most common test that is taken by all students enrolling in a language course, would be the placement test. the placement test is written and verbal and allows the examiner to see the level of learning the incoming student has. The placement test allows the examiners to know which level course to place the new student in. Through the course the teacher will want to measure progress and comprehension; this measurement will generally be required by the school and desired by the student to gauge how far along the students have come. Teachers can determine if the tests happens in a written, verbal or more interactive manner. the teacher will also determine the frequency of the test, whether it be weekly, biweekly, monthly, at the middle or end of the term, year, or a certain point in the course book. It is recommended that tests be given more often than with extended periods of time so that all know the level of learning taking place. While the TOFEL is the only American based test for American university and college entrance of non native English speakers, there are a number of European tests for university, work, and immigration purposes.