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Unit 17 is about equipment and teaching aids. There are many kinds. 1. The board - all boardwork should be planned and organised in advance. 2.Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) - the teachers should test thier lesson works prior to the class and have a back up plan ready. 3. Overhead projector (OHP) - OHTs can be prepared in advance and help the teacher avoid having his/her back to the students. 4. Visual aids - most common are real object, pictures and photos. They are used to illustrate meaning more quickly and effectively. 5. Worksheets and work cards - They are used to act as prompt/cue materials. 6. The cassette recorder 7. CD player 8. Videos and DVDs 9. Video camera 10. Dictionaries 11. Course book 12. Resource books 13. Photocopiers 14. Computers 15. Online sources