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J.T. – U.S.A. said:
In my opinion, the second video was interesting. First of all, I had the opportunity to distinguish between two different learning environments. In the second video, the instructor had an effective lesson by beginning with a positive and uplifting attitude while smiling at the students. Certainly, I think smiling is very important. Of course, the engage phase must be interesting as well and be effective in capturing the students' interest. Connecting the vocabulary with the grammar concept was also very effective and kept students interested. Second, I think having the study phase timed is very useful; this way, the students are encouraged to be productive during this phase and not procrastinate. Moreover, the teacher could have enough time to complete the activate phase due to effective timing of the activities. Finally, the activate phase in the second lesson was very effective since it did confirm most students' knowledge of the grammar concept. To conclude, the second lesson had a more comfortable learning environment for the students. Therefore, allowing them to relax and learn through examples and positive reinforcement.