TESOL Buffalo West Virginia

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This unit focused on how and why teachers must make lesson plans. It began by explaining the importance of lesson plans. Then the unit explained the different components of a lesson plan. Specifically, it focused on the many variables you must take into consideration when lesson planning. The unit offered an example sample lesson plan. I particularly enjoyed the layout of the lesson plan sheet. It was very clear and concise. It was also a great tool to help teachers with time management. This unit also provided sample activities for specific grammar points. As the reader you could practice planning your own lessons focusing on these activities. However, my favorite part of this chapter was the self-evaluation sheet. I think this is a great tool. The more you can reflect on your lessons the more they will improve. I think similarly it might be good to add a student evaluation sheet. I think it?s very useful to allow students to reflect on your class. Their feedback can also help you improve your lesson plans