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This unit came in the form of two videos meant to show a lesson being taught to a group of Thai adults. The first video showed a teacher making numerous mistakes in his way of teaching, leading to a confused classroom when the second one showed a more effective way of teaching. The main difference in these two videos was the behaviour of the teacher, first very detached, unconcerned and intimidating then very cheerful, caring and patient, using effective techniques to teach his class. The main point of this unit is to show that the teacher's attitude in the classroom can change everything.Lesson planning emerges as a great deal for teachers willing to organize their agenda and to optimize time and energy. Teachers tend to complain after not having enough time to fulfill all given duties; that's why this particular unit becomes essential for most of us. By having and taking advantage of the lesson plan format we can keep written record of all activities we perform and most of all, empower the tool in order to guide upcoming colleagues on class planning and management. Besides that, when teachers have an aim, tasks are done easily and that will certainly boost our capacities.