TESOL Certification Afghanistan Jalalabad

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Unit 1 covers 1) the characteristics of a good teacher (i.e.: fair, knowledge of the subject, motivation ability); 2) roles a teacher should adopt to during a lesson (a manager, an organiser, an assessor, a propmter, a participant, a tutor, a facilitator, a model, and a monitor); 3) it gives analysis of a student in the framework of his/her age, motivation level, expectations, and behaviour (2-7 y.o. / 8-13 y.o. / 14-18 y.o. & adults are compared). Moreover, the language stages and the relevant skills are presented (in 2 systems). Here are the equivalents: a starter = breakthrough, a basic user, A1; elem. = Waystage, a Basic User, A2; Pre-Int.=Threshold, an Indep.User, B1; Intermediate = Vantage, an Indep.User, B2; Upper -Int. = Efficient Operat.Profic., a Prof.User, C1; Advanced = Mastery, a Proficient user,C2.