TESOL Certification Sucre Bolivia

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In this unit, I tried to learn more about transitive (phrasal) verbs. I think that the explanation wasn't clear enough. However, there are four types; one where the verb cannot be followed by a direct object; 2 an object pronoun can only come between the verb and the particle; 3 the object phrase or object pronoun both come after the participle. I already had a good grasp on the modal verbs. So, the hardest part was the phrasal verbs.This unit was peeling even deeper into the onion of the ESA model, and how it can be used within the bounds of a daily lesson plan. It was very helpful to see that a teacher is not required to use a rigid, scripted lesson plan, and that free flowing communication is both likely and encouraged. Unit after unit, I am seeing how important the ESA model is, not just to pass the TEFL exam, but to effectively teach a class with efficiency.