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H.H. - U.S.A. said:
Ignoring the problems which are in the way of teaching a language to students is impossible, therefore the anticipation of the troubles has been recommended, and in order to solve some of the common ones the tips have been suggested. The most difficult session would be the first session because teacher may face with some new students who need to be familiar with the others, by some tricks such as games for breaking the ice and making the rapport between them. As a result, teacher starts by warm up which could include some games. Another problem that at schools mostly teachers encounter is the difference in the levels of students that teacher has to control the situation by for example making groups of students and getting advantage of stronger students' assistance to help wearers. In monologue classes, as in previous unit mentioned, there are reasons that cause the students to tend speaking their native language but for avoiding such kind of problem teacher needs to respond in English which forces students unconsciously to talk the rest of conversation in English.However the existence of the reluctant students is inevitable and teacher by understanding the reason of their unwillingness uses role plays,pair works, or recording their voices after the class for encouraging them to participate.