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J.M. - South Korea said:
In Unit 18, the final topics of the English grammar of the course was introduced, the unit covers Modal Auxiliary Verbs, Passive Voice, Relative Clauses, and Phrasal Verbs. Modal Auxiliary Verbs add information to a main very, and usually express obligation; possibility/probability; permission/prohibition; ability; advice, and degrees of formality. Passive Voice is the rephrasing of the Active Voice, but it is used more commonly when the 'doer' of the action is not known, not important, or withheld deliberately from reader/listener. Relative Clauses are a dependent clause which modifies a noun, and can be Defining or Non-defining. Defining relative clauses contain information which is essential to the meaning of the sentence, whereas Non-defining relative clauses contain information which is not essential to the sentence - they are additional information which can be taken out without much change in the meaning of the main sentence. Phrasal Verbs are multi-word verbs that should be learned as an vocabulary or phrase. There are three types: Intransitive,Transitive separable, and Transitive inseparable. I feel the topics introduced in this unit are for the more advanced learners, as there are a lot of subtle nuances associated with the grammar introduced, which requires a high level of understanding and familiarity.