TESOL Changzhi

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H.P & D.S - Hong Kong said:
This unit has shown various possibility of problems teacher might face with their students. Every first lesson are vital to get along with the students in order for them to be comfortable and to enjoy teacher's class. Teacher should be well prepared with their teaching materials and to break the ice and establish a rapport so that they will be able to get to know about their students more. Different levels within groups might be a difficult task for teachers, but they should balance their activities so that weaker students won't get frustrated and stronger students won't get bored. Weaker students might wish to use native language as they lack of vocabulary words or unfamiliar with the grammar; teacher should try to avoid using their native language by responding to their questions through English as much as they can. Reluctant students might have to be dealt with a lot of pair works and role plays to get them more interests to learn. Difficulties in listening activity can be solved by teaching complex vocabulary words to the students before they listen to the texts in order for them to be familiar with what they are about to here. Thus, teachers should always be equal to all students and come up with alternative plans with possible obstacles they might face during their class with the students.