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J. B. - Japan said:
This unit is focused on how to properly manage a class: from how a teacher can use eye contact, gesture and voice in the classroom, to seating arrangements and grouping students, along with its advantages and disadvantages. It also expands on how to respond to problem behavior and the teacher's position: writing on the board, giving individual attention and teacher talking time vs. student talking time. I think what was most striking to me was that it is not one of these methods that will make a difference but how we assemble them according to the type of class we have and what we are trying to accomplish or avoid. None of these on its own seems to seal the deal in every situation. For example if I have a class of 25 students, or more, it would be better to have orderly rows as a seating arrangement, but since this is not conducive with student centered activities I should find a way to include group work in order to allow sufficient opportunity for student talking time and active participation. I can also have separate tables to monitor the work being done by each group and help one table while the other groups continue to work. There will be setbacks such as noise and unruliness, and that's when the teacher's voice and its variation can come in hand, along with clear and simple rules and instructions.