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In this unit it was good to learn about case study style lesson. Case study is very similar to ESA methodology as we use engage, study and activity in the a different way. Another good thing to study in this unit was about the tense such as past simple tense, present prefect tense and etc. Speech theory was a bit different in learning and a bit hard to remember. But it was quite needed to understand and learn more about it. I was a bit shocked learning about new links for the business biographic's and many more for business figures. It wasn't easy to remember but the test was okay enough.Wow! I have not thought about these grammatical constructions is a very long time. This unit was challenging to remember the subtle differences in usage that changes the tense to be used. Of course, as a native English speaker, I can use the tenses correctly, but being able to offer up usage rules from memory is a far greater challenge. Further, I thought about how I would teach these usage rules to make them understandable; it would be easy to unintentionally confuse a language learner. There were some very good teaching ideas in this section that I have added to my strategy journal.