TESOL Chizhou

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A.R. - South Korea said:
This unit explains the importance of teaching Receptive Skills, i.e. Reading and Writing. There are two broad reasons as to WHY we listen and read: 1) For a purpose, for e.g. Listening to an language audio CD to learn a new language and 2) For entertainment, for e.g. Reading a magazine. There are 5 broad ways as to how HOW we listen and read: 1) Processing detailed information, for e.g. Reading the process of application for visa, to apply for one 2) Scanning for specific information, for e.g. Looking through the horoscopes to find your star sign 3) Skimming to get a general idea, for e.g. Skimming through a brochure 4) Deducing Context beyond the literal meaning of words, for e.g. 'You are in a no smoking zone' would also imply that one cannot light a cigarette 5) Predicting content from a headline, for e.g. Guessing the content of a radio news report from the headline. Ways to help with student receptive skills: 1) Pre-teaching vocabulary, before beginning the reading or listening activity 2) Carefully selecting text, that are suited to students' level 3) Selecting topics that could be of interest to most students at large 4) Creating interest about the topic in hand 5) Giving tasks that will promote understanding of the material