TESOL Chongjin

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C.M. - Italy said:
In this unit I have been able to review the different uses of eye contact, gestures and tone of the teacher. Eye contact can be used in some situations for discipline but it can also be used in a positive way to ensure that all students are involved during the class. Gestures can be used during explanations or while giving instructions, as well as to further include involvement. When using a students name to respond or get involved, it is best to say their name after the question. I have also learned further the pros and cons of seating arrangements in class, from orderly rows, horse shoes/circles and grouped tables. Rows most commonly for larger classes, to maintain discipline and eye contact with all students. The intimacy of the horse shoe seating arrangement and how it eliminates the front and back rows and brings the teacher into a less dominant role. The grouped tables are likely to be noisy and cause other behavioral problems. What I have learned more of this lesson was more about teacher talk time and student talk time. Increasing student talk time is important in many situations, but it is also important in certain situations to maintain the teachers talk time. The students need the model of the teacher, the input, correction and instructions.