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H.S. - U.S. said:
The main focus of this unit is on teaching pronunciation and phonology which is regarded as one of the most difficult parts to teach for ESL teachers. In the classroom there should be time given to teach students pronunciation, stress, rhythm, intonation, and IPA (International Phonetic Alphabets) to make them aware of the significance of accuracy and clarity of communication. The intonation is the variation of volume and pitch in a whole sentence whereas the stress is more concerned with individual words. There are different kinds of intonation such as rise/fall, the normal pattern intonation in a statement, fall/rise, and flat intonation which could be used in different situations. To teach both intonation and stress, some useful teaching methods has been mentioned which could be easily applied during the class. Additionally, sound joining and linked speech can serve a role in this matter. Moreover, IPA, as one of the most important parts of pronunciation, has been discussed which could be considered as reliable tool in pronouncing words. Last but not least, the unit focuses on articulation so that we could comprehend the differences pronouncing different phonemes effectively. Furthermore, some teaching techniques has been recommend to teach students the pronunciation of individual sounds.