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This unit was based around two examples of the same ESA lessons, but with hugely differing results. This first video (class 1) portrayed the teacher neglecting the numerous qualities and responsibilities of what makes a good teacher. For example, in class 1 isn?t kind and patient and does not provide clear instructions. This has a negative effect on the students, whom it seems, have an uninterested and confused demeanour for the duration of the class. However, the second video (class 2), in my opinion, shows an effective and overall good ESL teaching experience. For example, a simple gesture (like a smile) can affect the whole classroom experience and thus the students? overall understanding of the class and learning experience. A simple smile can remove the social barriers between a student and their teacher, as it makes the student feel relaxed and welcomed. The teacher?s positive and engaging attitude should (hopefully) allow the students to respond with a higher level of participation.