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J.W. - Spain said:
After this unit i realised that a teacher should be flexible to students, sometimes soft sometimes more strict.Teachers should be in control to change her/his role according to the situatuion. For students to be effective in learning, the teacher must be able to inspire confidence in them. That is very important. Good eye contact is important as it is not nice to speak to someone who is looking somewhere else. But teachers should remember that eye contact in some situations is not necessary, for example whenn activities focus on fluency and not teacher centered. Basically voice, gestures and eye contact are all extremly important. A good teacher will have to pay a lot of attention on them. There are different types of classrom arrengement for different activities. Teachers position in a class can vary depending on what studennts are doing at the time. Grouping students is quite good.Clear instructions are effective. It is very important for the teacher to control his/her feelings, not to loose temper and never to shout on kids as that can lead to students bed behaviour and problems with confidents.