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I find question 16 a bit baffling. All 5 of the answers elicit the wanted responses. I can only imagine that the teacher in using the time to ask a question is perhaps taking the STT away from the student? On the topic of classroom arrangements, I am surprised that Nationality would figure in this equation at all since I concur that the students are there to learn a language other than their own. Mixing students up with disregard to Nationalities act more as a bonding adhesive and bridge to traverse the different languages, cultures, and Nationalities. In my humble opinion, Nationality has nothing to do with student arrangement?in actual fact, I think that to single out Nationality may lead to and awake racist connotations in the students` minds as well as all aspiring teachers. I feel it perpetuates the very act of racism that we are trying to leave out of the classroom. I feel this is a bit disheartening to read. Asides from this point, most parts of this unit was enlightening in many different ways.