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In this unit we see the usages, advantages, and disadvantages of coursework books, workbooks, and other teacher-created materials. The continual use of a coursework book, although tempting, is explained away in this unit as not being such a great idea. The reason we have to use extra materials (books included) is to make a lesson easier to follow, but that can also get students uninterested if repeated every lesson. What we learn here is that although we need supplementary tools to teach an English class, these tools should be varied and creative. The use of books can be made fun if, for example, we get students to read it as role-play (making hand gestures, changing ones voice, etc.), but we can also include crossword puzzles, word search, pictures, and flashcards to make the lesson different and new. We can also see that choosing a suitable workbook is no easy feat, as we have to consider everything from the students' age, to their level and English comprehension.