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I.B. - Germany said:
Learning the various forms of conditional sentences was very interesting, and I will definitely refer back to this unit to make sure that I'm using the correct grammar when writing important documents. That being said, I thought that the quality of the material on reported speech could use a little improvement. The text materials present the rules for reported speech as being absolute, but the truth is that the chart and examples only hold true if speech is reported a significant time after it initially took place. For instance, imagine that I am on the phone with someone. Perhaps she says, \"I'm going for a walk this evening.\" When the call ends, if I turn to my husband with the comment, \"Susie said she's going for a walk this evening\", this is entirely correct. Saying \"Susie said she was going for a walk that evening\" would be nonsensical! It would be helpful if your materials (particularly the task sheets and test questions) stated that we should think of ourselves as reporting the conversation several weeks after it took place.