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R.C. - India said:
This unit covers aspects of phonology, the sounds in a language. It explains intonation, the natural rise and fall of sounds in a sentence, and details the rules that govern it. The unit encourages teachers not to teach the rules piecemeal but to allow students to get the \"feel\" for the rhythm of their English usage. Following intonation it also outlines the rules for stress, the emphasis within a single word. Then it discusses how spelling in English is made complicated by the fact that words spelled similarly are often pronounced quite differently. English speakers from different geographic regions are also likely to pronounce words differently. The way to overcome these variations is through the use of IPA. The unit outlines IPA and suggests teachers use dictionaries as a tool in class. The last aspects covered by the unit are place and manner of articulation and the classification of sounds. Finally, there are suggested activities for lessons involving pronunciation, and the unit describes teachers' options for working pronunciation into lessons.