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C.V. - Spain said:
This unit provided me first of all with a lot of information about the different methods used to teach a language, both old and new. As a foreign language teacher myself, I experienced many times how important it is to use variation in these methods, as otherwise you will loose the attention and focus of the students, who would easily get bored if you use the same method all the time. They will forsee the structure of the lesson and loose intrest. Most interesting I found the ESA method, and especially the different ideas for each of the stages (Engage - Study - Activate). Although I use this method in the classroom naturally, also because most courses implement it, it's good to be remembered about the different stages of a good language lesson and the fact you can use different orders: straight arrow, boomerang or patchwork ESA lesson. Finally, I have learned about how to correrct students in an appropriate way, according to the stage of the lesson and depending on the students and their culture, as well as based on your role as a teacher.