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S.S. - Italy said:
There are four skills which should be taught to students at the same time, but they are categorized into two teaching skills, receptive and productive. Here we learn about listening and reading skills which are the receptive skills.First of all we need to know whether we are listening or reading for purpose or entertainment because it will cause different way of studying.Mostly this unit provides information about how a teacher should prepare the mind of students before starting for example let them to engage the lesson by asking for their guesses about the it by looking at the heading,extract some ideas and information out of them then practice on new vocabularies which may confuse them through the way of trying to understand the text or listening.The teacher should lead them for catching where they are expected to skim, scan, or even where the details are important. the good thing here is about the example of Elvis Precisely which causes to clarify the meaning of the lesson for the teacher in order to have the similar method for the same purpose.