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A.A. – Mexico said:
The process of teaching foreign languages is abundant in methods and techniques. There is no ultimate and universal approach, as not only the strategy, each of the lessons will depend on a vast number of different things and circumstances, such as age, needs, interests, cultural background and education of the students as well as the teacher?s personality. Still, there are some effective methods and advisable strategies in teaching languages. Students need as much exposure to the language as possible. A certain amount of input from the teacher is necessary. To provide effective learning anxiety and stress need to be eliminated. Communicative tasks are not enough on their own, therefore skilling, drilling, chanting are also should be involved. Personal efforts of the learners are priceless, and where possible students should be encouraged to discover language themselves. Lessons can combine different amount of study and activate stages in various order. Correcting and praising are last but not the least in my list.