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B.F. – France said:
In this unit we talk about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. A modal verbs are special types of verbs that alter or complement the meaning of the main verb in a sentence. These verbs express ideas such as capacity, possibility, obligation, permission, desire and many others. They also indicate if the tone f the conversation is formal or informal. In this chapter we also cover the phrasal verbs; combinations of words formed by a verb and a preposition, or a verb and an adverb. Phrasal verbs are also known as two-word verbs and some examples are: look into ( investigate); tell off (to criticize or scold ), among others. The last subject covered by this unit is the passive voice. passive voice is used to tell what happens with the object or subject in the action, while the active voice tells what the subject or object does. This chapter need greater attention as the types of phrasal verbs may be difficult to be recognized by the student, requiring the teacher to use different methods of teaching to convey his message.