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P.T. - Sweden said:
Wow! The compilers of this lesson sure did their homework on online resources. I will no doubt find the lists here invaluable in the future. I regularly encourage students to make good use of the Internet, but as they already have so many other classes, I believe they only access a minuscule proportion of what they could. They also much prefer surfing in Chinese, their native language, and here in China inside the 'great firewall' and outside of it are completely different worlds. Without a VPN, Youtube is not accessible even. Just to describe my class situation: I have a computer with its screen displayable on an overhead projector. It is extremely useful and works for almost every need, though I confess to getting in trouble with it sometimes (forgetting files, etc.). I like to write on the blackboard (with chalk) but my writing is barely visible as the room is dimmed for the computer's OHP. A white board would be much better. Frankly, it hard for me to imagine the usefulness of an IAW when I have the use of a computer, but I don't much about the device either. Our classes are pretty much paperless and I don't bring much into the class either (no cards, etc.). If we do games I like to do them on the board.