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A.V. - Korea said:
This final unit focused on some final things to think about and prepare for before setting foot into the classroom. Things like group size, whether or not the students already know each other, difference in ability, reluctance to participate, and listening ability are all issues that may arise early in the class. Taking time in the first lesson to build a rapport with students and find out the classroom climate is essential, and should be given priority over the textbook. Also, regardless of class ability, the teacher should refrain completely from using the native language in the classroom, while also being sensitive to the fact that students may give into temptation from time to time. I like the idea of simply not responding when students use their native language, even when it is tempting to show off your knowledge (as I am often tempted to do so.) Just making an effort to weed out the needs of each class seems to be the best approach, and this chapter highlighted some major factors that can lead to future classroom difficulties.