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T. B. - Spain said:
In Unit 17 the topics of Equipment and Teaching aids were introduced. The short unit mentions various common teaching equipment found in most classrooms and study centers, and the remainder of the unit gives a large number of links for online resources and teaching aids. In this unit I learned that capitalized text is more difficult for the students to read than lower case text, which is understandable as in the real world most of English is written in lower case. In regards to the OHP, though outdated by today's standards, their ability to stack layers of OHTs and writing on the top layer without affecting the bottom made it a very convenient teaching equipment when I was a student. On the topic of Video camera or smartphones (and perhaps computers), I think one potential area of concern is the personal privacy of the students, and the teachers should be more cautious of what can or cannot be filmed, ideally explaining clearly and reaching an agreement/permission from the students before attempting anything involving filming.