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M.R. – Germany said:
Although the second video was clearly the good example of how the lesson is to be taught, the first one was more interesting to see what you can do wrong as a teacher, what you should avoid. Some things you don't always realise, being in front of the class. His attitude creates no rapport with the students whatsoever and thus they do not participate from start. He makes many errors, one of them telling the students the subject is so easy. He probably wants to comfort the students, but it has the opposite effect. When something is said to be easy, and they give a wrong answer, that would mean they don't even understand the easy grammar. Students need to be challenged. And when the teachers creates a safe classroom environment, where the students are allowed to make mistakes without reprimands, they will actively participate. It's amazing to see how the same teacher changes completely into a positive person in the second video, creates good rapport with his students and gets them to participate actively during the whole lesson.