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R.C. - Korea said:
As a language learner, one of my main grievances about prior courses was the emphasis on formal content rather than practical usage. Through this EFL methodology unit, I am now familiar with more novel teaching methods, like Community Language Learning and Suggestopaedia, rather than just the prevalent styles of Grammar-translation and Audio-lingualism. I think that the Straight Arrow ESA (Engage, Study, and Activate) lesson format, as well as \"Patchwork\" and \"Boomerang\" alternatives, will prove invaluable to me as a means of delivering new material and quickly incorporating it into everyday use for my future students. One of the most difficult aspects of being an instructor is without a doubt the necessity to correct pupils. By making a clear distinction between mistakes and errors, stressing the importance of permitting self or peer correction prior to teacher intervention, and delineating clear guidelines for when it is warranted to correct, this lesson has shown me how to encourage improvement in a delicate manner.