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J.M. - Japan said:
From the two video lessons, it was easy to tell which one was the \"good\" lesson and which was the \"bad\". What struck me the most from the second lesson was how the teacher's attitude and interaction with the students at the beginning of the lesson had a huge impact on the students' comfort level and participation for the entire lesson. This serves as a powerful reminder that building a positive relationship with the students is a key in teaching. I also like how the teacher had the students repeat the sentences as a class together and called on individuals to say the sentences during the end of the Study phase. I typically do not associate pronunciation practices with grammar lessons. However, after watching the second video lesson, I realized that being able to say the sentences is part of the complete picture of learning the grammar points. In addition, I think having the students say the sentences as a whole class and as individuals is a great way to engage the students and increase student participation in the lesson.