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D.B. - China said:
This unit provide two examples of video lessons. They showed two approaches to the same lesson. Lesson one displayed a class where students were disengaged, confused and there was no rapport between student and teacher. Students were left feeling inadequate and unintelligent as technical language such as 'Modal Auxiliary Verb' was used without context or example. Students were given only verb instructions that were confusing and unclear. In comparison lesson two demonstrated the importance of rapport and teacher presence. The teacher smiled, was clear and articulated instructions well using a range of mediums including pictures and gestures. Students were more engaged and appeared to be enjoying the class as they had more input, greater student interaction and were valued by the teacher. Creating and environment that is safe a supportive for students is one of the most important factors. It is a teachers responsibility to help students to learn. Giving students information that they are expected to understand of their own is not an effective method.