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T. B. - Japan said:
In Unit 15 the topics of Evaluating and Testing are introduced. The short unit begins with assessments of a learner's language level - tutorials, evaluation by students, and tests. Tests can be further divided into Placement tests; Diagnostic tests; Progress tests, and Practice tests. The unit ends with a number of common recognised external exams in the world. Tests are a great method to assess the ability of the students and to keep track of their progress throughout the course of learning. At the start of the course a Placement test could be held to gauge the students' level in order to be sorted into appropriate classes, alternatively a Diagnostic tests could be done, which are usually more extensive and the results can be analysed to plan future lessons. During the course regular Progress tests are a good way to assess the students to see their progress and encourage revision. Practice tests could also be done but it should be in the same format and structure of the external examination that the students are preparing for.