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A.W. - France said:
I think that experience is an important factor when teaching Productive Skills. Points made like knowing when to correct the language, which lessons are better a directing or prompting the right response, ect. all take experience with students to become effective with it. I can see asking a fellow teacher, more experienced teacher, for tips on lesson plans. Even if what they do would not work for me it would be a good place to start brainstorming. I do think that a long term project could be used to address writing and speaking skills. Such as a small group of students writing a 3-5 min script and having to film the scene. An extended period of time allows the students to accurately write a script with proper grammar and syntax, and fluency because they will have to rehearse before filming. I can see this as a reoccurring project that would change depending on the unit we would be studying. It also allows the students to experience using English with technology; a more practical skill if they intend to use English for work or communication.