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L.S. – Russia said:
Though I can certainly see the benefit of being comfortable and familiar with the international phonetic alphabet, I can more clearly see the difficulty in introducing it as a useful tool for language learners. I imagine trying to introduce to them a whole new alphabet that makes the same sounds as the commonly used one would trip them up. If you introduce it to beginner learners, I imagine there would be an intermingling of both systems when the write, and if introduced to established learners, they would balk at having to learn another alphabet beyond the one they are already comfortable and confident with. I imagine in a time before the internet, knowing the phonetic alphabet was helpful in their quest to pronounce unfamiliar words found in their dictionaries, but in the age of smart phones and easily accessed unlimited resources, it seems a little excruciating to convince them to utilized the phonetic alphabet when they can so easily find a sound bite of the correct pronunciation, among various other speedy resources.