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T.H. - United Kingdom said:
In this unit we learn about how we should manage our class and how we should interact with the students and how we should act and the voice we should use essentially not making the students bored with a monotone, predictable lesson. Arranging the students in certain way can help reduce that potential as well as have the other students get to know one another so when they are put into various groups or pairs they feel comfortable with whom they are seated with. As a learner I always found that when I enjoyed my teacher because they had a good rapport and in turn the class respected her which made her job easier because there was participation and a light atmosphere, however I do remember when it was the opposite, which was caused by the teacher being dull as well as not having the command of his students, this made for a very unproductive lesson. I feel I have a good understanding that how a teacher approaches the lesson and what they do in the lesson can have a dramatic effect on the students and their willingness to learn, listen and participate.